Recording presentations

Recording presentations with Zoom

Zoom, the meeting platform that we will be using at the Virtual Sunbelt, has a built-in recording function for recording meetings. This can also be used for recording your presentation in advance of the conference.

All recordings are saved locally to your computer (usually in the document folder under Zoom). The files are standard mp4 video files.

The process of recording a presentation is exactly like recording a meeting. You create and start a meeting, share your presentation and click on the record button. You can pause and restart the recording as necessary. When you have finished, end the meeting and your recording will automatically be saved.

Note: If you are not sure about video settings, etc. just leave everything at the standard settings.

The following provide some examples, tips and further information:

Recording power point presentation (i.e., slides with audio narration)

If you have Office 2016 or later, you can show and speak about your slides one at a time, and then save your presentation as a video. An advantage of using PowerPoint to record your presentation is that the audio is attached to individual slides. This will make it very easy to open the original PPT file when you need to make any changes to the original presentation. Simply re-record those slides and export a new video file to share.

You can save the presentation as an mp4 file, which is the standard format for videos.

Note: If you are not sure about video settings, etc. just leave everything at the standard settings.

Examples and tips:

Sharing your screen live during your slot

We would recommend prerecording your presentation, if possible, but if you prefer you are welcome to present live during the conference.

If you wish to do that, please prepare a powerpoint, pdf, or other presentation that you can share during the talk, and open it before the start of the session.

At the start of talk, the session chair will ask you to share your screen so that the audience can see your slides.

You do this by clicking on the green button at the bottom of your Zoom screen. Double click on the document you want to share – and then you can start presenting.

After the presentation, to end sharing your screen, please click on the red “Stop sharing” button at the top of your zoom screen.

Examples and tips: