Impact of social relations among newcomers and incumbents on motivation and satisfaction at work

Ali Al Busaidi


Most of previous Human Resources research emphasized importance of the tangible benefits to motivate employees and enhance their levels of satisfaction such as pay and benefits, fairness of the promotion system within a company, quality of the working conditions, leadership, opportunities for career advancement, and opportunities for training and development , achievement, recognition, and HR policies. However, a few research have been done to investigate impact of social (friendship, advice related to work matters, and problem solving) relations among employees on their levels of satisfaction and motivation at the work. Thus, there is limited research in this area. Consequently, this research will contribute to the existing knowledge by investigating thoroughly influence of social relations (friendship and advice related to work) on levels of motivation and satisfaction at work environment using social network analysis tools. These tools are selected for the analysis of the data in this research for the following reasons: - The empirical case data will be collected from the employees of the Central Bank of Oman which is an organisation structured as a network of individuals, i.e. reporting structure. - The network theory provides explanations for social phenomena in a wide variety of disciplines from psychology to economics. - These tools are powerful tools that provide structure for the relations between the individuals as well as provide good network visualization. The purpose of this research is to investigate factors affecting motivation and satisfaction of employees in work environments. The empirical case that I will develop is based on data collected within the Central Bank of Oman. The research will focus on the impact of social relations (e.g., friendship, advice related to work matters, problem solving, and work support) on levels of satisfaction and motivations of employees. Moreover, the research will investigate how newcomers develop and attach to existing social networks, as compared to incumbent employees. Furthermore, the research will draw on main results and findings to design strategies and interventions aimed at enhancing levels of motivations and satisfaction in work environments. In nutshell, the research will identify levels of employees’ satisfaction at the Bank and various factors of their motivation and will contribute significantly to the literature by filling the existing gap regarding impact of social (friendship, advice related to work, problem solving, and work support) relations on motivation and satisfaction at the work environment. Moreover, the research will be very useful for management of the Bank as it will show levels of motivation and satisfaction and suggested strategies for enhancements.

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