Visualizing Advocacy and Practical Organized Climate Change Denial Networks

James Mulherin


There is more than one kind of organized climate change denial, and practical denial is on the rise as the saliency of the worsening physical conditions for social life such as excessive heat, drought, storms, etc. become more obvious. I seek to include more organized opposition to effective climate action along with what might be called classical climate change denial by foundations, think tanks and front groups engaged in propaganda and misinformation. Practical denial does not deny climate science. Instead it engages in acts that assume the science does not matter or as if action to prevent the causes of our worsening climate—some form of emissions--must be avoided because of more important priorities such as economic growth, political control, exploiting access to fossil resources in the Arctic, etc. I explore several of these forms of practical organized denial and seek to visualize them in addition to classical organized denial. I seek ways to view the part and the whole together on a larger scale than my previous work visualizing the classical denialist network within the United States only. I hope to find links if they exist between the denialist core groupings as they are discovered by researchers and activists and consider alternative SNA visualization methods that best allow observers and actors to understand the evolving relationships.



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