The Canadian inter-city co-offense network

Alexander Graham, Peter Carrington


The network of inter-city criminal collaboration is superimposed on a standard Mercator projection map of Canada, with inset regional detail maps. The data include all police-reported co-offenses in Canada during 2006-09. The nodes of the network are the 32 major cities (Census Metropolitan Areas) in Canada. The valued edges between pairs of cities are the numbers of people recorded as committing a co-offense in both cities. The 32 cities form one connected component, with two clusters. The “central Canada” cluster comprises the cities in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, with weak links to cities in the Atlantic provinces, and is centered on the triad of Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. The “western” cluster comprises the cities in the four western provinces and is centered on Vancouver. The main link between the two clusters is between Toronto and Vancouver.



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