Let me tell you about... TriNAM - A Dynamic Network Actor Model for three-way data

Robert Krause, Károly Takács, Christoph Stadtfeld, Flóra Samu, Alvaro Uzaheta Berdugo, Júlia Galántai Galántai

Contact: robert.krause@liu.se

Until now there are only few models that can properly analyze three-way network data, data where the network is represented a by a data-cube X_ijk. In this project we extended the DyNAM model for relational events to model three-way network interactions, that is, we model events where 'i' sends communication to receiver 'j' about target 'k'. The TriNAM is introduced on an example of gossip communication (communication about third parties that are not present) in a Big Brother TV show. In this presentation we primarily focus on the methodological advances in analyzing three-way event data, how the model is defined, which structures can be analyze with the proposed model, and how it is estimated.

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