Network Science: Overview of the Field Using Bibliometric Network Analysis

Rustam Kamalov, Valentina Kuskova, Dmitry Zaytsev, Polina Lushnikova


Network Science is an emerging discipline with a flagship interdisciplinary journal under the same name. Having firmly established itself in the broad range of social sciences: in political science with political and policy networks sub-field, in sociology with social networks, in economics and management with organizational and corporate networks - network science is now the premier tool for popularization of science. These newly emerging fields and communities of scholars which try to be interdisciplinary have a great potential to become integrators in their discipline and social sciences in general. We argue that Network Science is such of interdisciplinary field. Its already fined its place in political science (political & policy networks), sociology (social networks), and economics and management (organizational and corporate networks); and is actively developing sub-discipline trying to integrate others. To understand the place of network science community within and across the disciplines, in this paper we analyze the whole bunch of articles in Network Science journal. Using bibliometric network analysis, we will discover the cluster of network scientists, dynamics of their changes, and determinants of scientific influence in the field.

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