A review of sustainable design education with YouTube

Xanat Vargas Meza, Toshimasa Yamanaka

Contact: kt_designbox@yahoo.com

Background: There are several issues compromising the educational role of social networks, particularly in the case of videos. Cultural factors such as language in data collection have also not been thoroughly taken into account. Furthermore, design as a discipline has been interlinked with industrialization until recent years, when the Sustainable Development Goals were set as a global agenda to achieve a better future for all. However, the role of design in achieving such a future is still not fully developed and adapted among educators and practitioners. Methods: Therefore, a set of quantitative and qualitative studies analysed YouTube sustainable design videos and the communities around them in English and Spanish. Webometrics, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis, eye tracking and surveys were employed. Objectives: The objective was to understand communication patterns of sustainable design, particularly from an educative point of view; to understand which contextual factors drive behavioural change towards adopting sustainability among designers; and to propose an educational intervention using YouTube videos to teach sustainable design. Results: Findings included differences in terms of video content, video diffusion patterns, perceived advantages of sustainable design, perceived barriers/disadvantages of sustainable design, video viewing patterns and preferred video content across languages. We also found the importance of students and other Social Networking Sites in the diffusion of sustainable design related videos; that sustainable design and nature mostly elicited positive emotions among commenters; that YouTube is not a good option to learn about sustainable design; and that interest before and after watching videos combined with mild positive emotions might be related to continuous practice of sustainable design. Future directions for this research topic will also be discussed.

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