Twitter and creativity: the interplay between Twitter social networks and users' creativity

Tsahi Hayat


Purpose Previous studies have associated social capital in general and creativity in particular to one's social networks. Yet, to the best of our knowledge, no previous studies have looked at the interplay between one's online social networks and one's creativity. Therefore, this research paper examined a correlation between people's creativity and their Effective Network Size (non-redundant ties) on Twitter, to see if potentially non-redundant information is related to creativity. Methodology Creativity was measured by a survey (N=218), and Effective Network Size was analyzed based on the social ties of participants on Twitter (these data were collected using a script developed for this purpose). Findings The findings indicate that the higher the Effective Network Size score, the higher the creativity score. Furthermore, extroversion moderated the relationship between Effective Network Size and creativity. At large Effective Network Size, extroverts reported higher perceived creativity than did introverts. Originality The use of online social networking sites is significant in terms of creativity.

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