An Ontology of research collaboration network interventions

Till Krenz, Christopher McCarty


Network interventions, structural analyses and recommendation algorithms are used to facilitate increased collaborations between researchers. The aims of these studies range from an individual perspective (Krenz 2019), over organizationally motivated interventions (Vacca, Sciabolazza-Leone 2019), to cross-institutional endeavors (McCarty 2019). Algorithmically determined recommendations are sometimes designed to imitate human behavior by finding collaborators with topical overlap and specific network positions (Al-Ballaa, Al-Dossari, Chikh 2019). Algorithms can also identify collaborations that would be unlikely to occur due to existing structural barriers in the existing network of collaborations. Our approach is to identify potential collaborations in order to achieve a benefit to the overall network structure. This study gives an overview of previously published research on collaboration network interventions as well as data from a program of interventions associated with a Clinical Translational Science Award. It suggests a framework for guided interventions that links the aim of an intervention with a set of analytical methods and administration strategies that can be employed to achieve those aims.

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