Social Networks and Social AI: Advances in the Study of Human-Autonomy Networks

Aaron Schecter


Smart technology is everywhere; we are driving autonomous vehicles, talking to virtual assistants, and playing games in virtual reality. As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more pervasive, we will interact with artificially intelligent agents more frequently and in deeper ways. Advances in AI and computer science are enabling intelligent, autonomous agents and bots to become active members of social networks. Further, digital trace data and advanced real time processing are making it possible to leverage human behavioral data streams to understand the complex interactions among humans and autonomous agents. Important research areas include, but are not limited to human-AI teamwork, information sharing and network diffusion, and open source software development. The goal of this organized session is to bring together presenters applying the tools of social network analysis – such as exponential random graphs, relational event models, and agent based models - to answer key questions about human-autonomy networks. This session adds to the growing body of work on the intersection between social networks and smart technologies.

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