Mapping the field of Culture and Cognition research using citation network analysis

Dmitrii D. Sharikov


This paper presents an attempt to map the emerging interdisciplinary research field of Culture and Cognition studies using the analysis of bibliographic networks. To the best of my knowledge, a comprehensive study of publications in this field is missing, yet the field presents a fruitful ground for the understanding of citation network formation in multidisciplinary research. The dataset consists of articles obtained from the Web of Science Clarivate Analytics database by searching for the keywords <“social cognition” AND cultur*> and <”cultur* neuroscience*”> (a total of 10,000+ publications). Using Wos2Pajek, I transformed the data into a collection of networks, including a unimodal citation network on works (from the ‘CR’ field of the WoS file) which is the main focus of this paper. The initial dataset constructed by Wos2Pajek consisted of 53 904 works. I then cleaned the data, deleting loops and multiple lines, shrinking strong components (to create an acyclic network) and deleting works that are cited less than two times (to get a richer network). After all iterations of cleaning, I constructed the final dataset made up of about 10 000 nodes. By examining the obtained network, I identified the most cited works in the field and tried to outline its structure. I then extracted the main path, key-route paths, and link islands in the citation network to further investigate the most important articles.

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