Poster Session, 11/20/2014

08-622/08-302, Fall 2014

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Alessandro Iorio, Tepper School of Business
Public Policies and Network Structure: The case of Italian Board Interlocks

Anton Pleshakov, Tepper School of Business
Propagation of Emotion in 4CHAN /B/ Threads

Ashwini Rao, Institute for Software Research
Network Analysis of Tracking on the Internet

Austin Ankney, College of Engineering, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Social Juicing: Buying Followers on Twitter to Enhance Reputation

Benjamin Chung, Institute for Software Research
Diffusion of Programming Languages on Github

Bob Fang, Heinz College
Analyzing Salary Distributions on Job Communities

Carl Malings, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Comparing Approaches for Network Reliability Analysis in Systems with Non-Independent Components

Chalalai Chaihirunkarn, Institute for Software Research
Understanding Open-source Scientific Software Ecosystems: What Do We Learn from Code Contribution on GitHub?

Chris Tomaszewski, Robotics Institute
Graph Partitioning for Distributed Task Allocation

Evan Lee, Carnegie Institute of Technology
Applications of Network Science in Game Character: Design and Balance in Competitive Team Based Games

Gabriel Ferreira, Institute for Software Research
Improving Software Comprehension of Highly Configurable Systems with Network Analysis

Hemank Lamba, Institute for Software Research
Analyzing Change in Beer-Review Networks

Holly Li, Lane Center of Computational Biology
Interaction Network of RNA-Binding Proteins and small non-coding RNA

Ian Quah, Department of Psychology
Modeling the diffusion of information through a social group

Jingxia Pang, Heinz College
Chinese Weibo (Twitter) Analysis and PersonRank Algorithm Design

Kevin Eng, Department of Mathematical Science
Air Traffic Freight Hubs

Mark Helenurm, Department of Mathematical Science
The Wikipedia Internal Link Graph

Nick Ettlinger, Statistics Department
The Social Networks of Lawyers

Olutayo Fabusuyi, Department of Engineering and Public Policy
Analyzing Regional Economies

Sejal Popat, College of Fine Arts
Comparing Artist Residency Alumni Networks